Industrial Grade Leased Line Modems

for Utility, SCADA and Industrial Communications

The Synxcom industrial grade leased line modems are the highest performance modems for multi-point and multi-drop applications in the industry. The multi-speed modems offer the fastest polling time of 17.4 ms (RTS-CTS delay) at 9600 bps and 19,200 bps over voice-band leased line or private line circuits. The Bell 202 compatible mode will operate from 0 to 1800 bps.

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Key Features
  • Multi-Speed Support: SM19202FP: 19200/9600/4800/2400/0-1800 bps SM96202FP: 9600/4800/2400/0-1800 bps Bell 202T (FSK) Mode: 0-1800 bps ITU V.23 (FSK) Mode: 0-1200 bps 17.4 ms or 23 ms training (RTS-CTS) delay 100% compatible with Telenetics’ DSP9612FP
  • DTE/RTU Interface: RS-232 with full control signals RS-232 with 3-wire only interface (TD, RD, SG) RS-485 4-wire FD or 2-wire HD Auto RTS to support multi-drop applications
  • Leased Line Interface: TELCO voice-band leased line, 2- or 4-wire Private line or metallic circuits (19-26 AWG) Cable equalizer to extend operating distance Ideal “Limited Distance Modem” over unloaded cables
  • RF or Radio Link Support: Provides Key-On (Push-to-talk) control for operation over RF or Radio links communications
  • Enclosure and Mounting Options Desk-top version (5.0″W x 6.75″D x 1.3″H) DIN Rail Mounting version (1.6″W x 5.0″H x 4.2″D) Wall Mount or Panel Mount option Rack mount plug-in card (RM16M) format factor
  • AC or DC Power Supply Support 100-240 VAC 50 or 60 Hz 100-400 VDC option 10 to 60 VDC, direct input, 1500VDC isolated Low power consumption: 1.8 watts (active)
  • Industrial Grade Environment Industrial grade components and metal enclosure Operating temperature from -40 to +85C